• Mega Meal Deal

    The Mega Meal Deal!

    Get 12 of our delicious Curry Spice Kits, 10 fresh Naan Breads (5 Garlic, 5 Plain), 25 Poppadoms, & 2 bonus Golden Curry Sauce Kits all for only £27.50

  • Get 5 Curry Kits For Only £10!

    Simply add 5 Curry Spice Kits to your cart and we'll knock it down to a tenner, giving you the fifth curry spice kit for Free!.

  • Get 12 Curry Kits For Only £20!

    An extra bonus for curry lovers! Add any 12 Curry Spice Kits to the cart and we'll give it to you for only £20 instead of the normal £30.

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